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From the beggining of the last year, there appeared many "warranted" news about upcoming Dimmu Borgir album. Often it weren't from trutsworthy and well informed sources and now it is maybe hard to separate true facts and rumors. In this text, we will resume all confirmed informations according to interview with Silenoz in February's issue of Canadian magaine BW&BK.

Right now, the band is in “full writing mode” and working on completing new material. “So far there are at least two complete songs and we have tons and tons of ideas. It’s difficult to do something with all of the material, because we’re not going to do a double album [laughs]." Because Silenoz was in US at time of this interview, the band still didn't rehearsal. "I’m really looking forward to getting back to Norway so we can start rehearsing and jamming on the songs, because sometimes you come up with other ideas that might work better than when you’re just demoing them on your own. It’s gonna be cool to finally play the songs together.”

When the material is completed, the band will record pre-production version in their home studio at first, as well as in the case of previous album. "We might even go to a regular studio just to try out a few songs, just to see what it’s gonna end up sounding like." It's evident that for Silenoz is very important how the album will be sounds. Regular studio recording is planned to autumn and it will take place in Peter Tagtgren's Abyss studio. Dimmu Borgir returns to Abyss after two full-value albums recorded in Fredman studio. In Abyss they have already recorded three CDs from 1997-99 and last year's new version of Stormblast. Along with replacing drummer Nicolas Barker by Jan "Hellhammer" Blomberg, this could cause quite big change in present Dimmu Borgir style. Moreover, the band don't plan to use massive symphonic orchestra this time.

Silenoz also works on lyrics for the album. Earlier, there was stated that the new CD will be concept album. But Silenoz don't like this expression. “The term ‘concept album’ is difficult to use, because a lot of people perceive that word differently. It’s not going to be anything like Queensryche’s Operation Mindcrime. It’ll probably be closer to the stories that King Diamond writes. The main character is living in the dark medieval times and he feels the necessity to find god, and the more he explores and searches for answers and proof that god exists, the more he finds himself finding the opposite to be true. Then people start to believe that he is in league with the devil and perhaps even the devil himself. So, I’m writing the lyrics from that idea. It’s not like I have an answer to the story or anything; I want to leave that open. It’s fair to say that the plot is that you won’t find answers about the mysteries of life through religious beliefs. If you find an answer at all you will find it inside yourself.”

The relase of the new album is set to early 2007.


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