01. Deathstars Cyanide
02. Amorphis House Of Sleep
03. Katatonia My Twin
04. Scar Symmetry The Illusionist
05. Darkthrone Too Old Too Cold
06. Dimmu Borgir Sorgens Kammer Del II
07. Immortal Blashyrkh (Mighty Ravendark)
08. Mastodon The March Of The Fire Ants
09. In Flames Take This Life
10. Mendeed Beneath A Burning Sky
11. Unearth Zombie Autopilot
12. Destiny Passing Moments
13. Children Of Bodom Are You Dead Yet?
14. As I Lay Dying Through Struggle
15. Shadows Fall The Power Of I And I
16. Soilwork Stabbing The Drama
17. One Man Army & T.U.Q.. So Grim So True So Real
18. Lacuna Coil Our Truth
19. The Duskfall Shoot It In
20. Dark Tranquillity The New Build
21. Black Dahlia Murder Contagious
22. Ektomorf I Know Them
23. God Forbid To Fallen Hero
24. Heaven Shall Burn The Weapon They Fear
25. Kataklysm Crippled & Broken
26. Amon Amarth Death In Fire
27. Cannibal Corpse Make Them Suffer
28. Hypocrisy Scrutinized
29. Gorefest For The Masses
30. Disbelief Rewind It All
31. Six Feet Under The Day The Dead Walked
32. Legion Of The Damned Into The Eye Of The Storm


01. Gotthard Anytime Anywhere
02. Nightwish Sleeping Sun (2005)
03. Primal Fear Seven Seals
04. Edguy Superheroes
05. U.D.O. Mean Streets
06. Doro Warrior Soul
07. Brainstorm All Those Words
08. Steel Attack Diabolic Symphony
09. Nocturnal Rites Awakening
10. Mercyful Fate The Uninvited Guest
11. Armored Saint Reign Of Fire
12. Fates Warning Point Of View
13. Devin Townsend Vampira
14. Evergrey Monday Morning Apocalypse
15. Rage No Fear
16. Nevermore Final Product
17. Exodus Now Thy Death Day Come
18. Sacred Reich Low
19. Cataract Nothings Left
20. Destruction The Alliance Of Hellhoundz
21. Tankard The Beauty And The Beast
22. Sentenced Ever-Frost
23. Charon Colder
24. Theatre Of Tragedy Storm
25. Madder Mortem My Name Is Silence
26. Burst Where The Wave Broke
27. Naglfar The Perpetual Horrors
28. Dragonlord Until The End
29. Impaled Nazarene Armageddon Death Squad
30. Pain Nothing
31. Clawfinger Dirty Lies
32. Die Apokalyptischen Reiter Friede Sei Mit Dir
33. Knorkator Wir Werden
34. In Extremo Liam


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