Alt Lys Er Svunnet Hen (polyphonic MIDI, 4 kB)
Sorgens Kammer (polyfonní MIDI, 23 kB)
Mourning Palace (polyphonic MIDI, 80 kB)
Spellbound (By The Devil) (polyphonic MIDI, 41 kB)
In Death's Embrace (polyphonic MIDI, 43 kB)
In Death's Embrace (polyphonic MIDI, 7 kB)
Perfection Or Vanity (polyphonic MIDI, 13 kB)
Stien (monofonní MIDI, 0.5 kB)
Mourning Palace (monophonic MIDI, 1.2 kB)
In Death's Embrace (monophonic MIDI, 1.5 kB)
Dreamside Dominions (monophonic MIDI 0.9 kB)
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