Band formation: 2nd half of 1993
Místo původu: Norway, environs of Oslo
Current line-up : Shagrath - vocals
  Silenoz - guitar
  Galder - guitar
  Vortex - bass guitar
  Mustis - keyboards

Band was founded in Norway in 1993. Founder members were Shagrath (vocals, formerly also drums, guitars), Silenoz (guitars) and Tjodalv (formerly guitars, then drums). First creation of Dimmu Borgir was EP "Inn I Evighetens Morke", relased in 1994. In the end of the same year came first full-lenght album "For All Tid". From this time, five another studio albums were relased.

Since the beggining, many band members changed. Beside of previously mentioned Tjodalv, members of band were: Brynjard Trystan (bass guitar), Stian Aarstand (keyboards), Nagash (bass guitar), Astennu (guitars) and Nicolas Barker (drums).

Nowadays, band hasn't permanent drummer. For live performance, they use session member Tony Laureano (ex-Nile), for studio recording (of new version of Stormblast and new album) they have contract with Hellhammer (Mayhem).



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