17.12. Recording of new "Sorgens Kammer - Del II" video has been already finished. Now it is in cutting room. Soon, we will bring more information about video as well as "Sorgens Kammer" song.


25.11. How successful was European relase of new Stormblast? Sales aren't that much high as when full-value new album is relased, but though Stormblast appeared in some selling charts. In Germany it was on 87th position, in Norway on 24th (for comparsion - last studio album Death Cult Armageddon was 12th in Germany and 2nd in Norway). Stormblast also appeared in Indiescharts in UK and Netherlands on positins 45 and 18.


28.10. Nuclear Blast America announced relasedate of new Stormblast. The album is going to be relased on February 7 2006 in USA and it will include "limited collectors item".


26.10. The relase of new Stormblast was delayed to November 14 from the previously announced November 7. The CD is going to be released in Germany on November 11 and in Scandinavia on November 9. The delay is being attributed to "pressing plant problems." Stormblast will be avilable in several versions. We can choose from jewelcase, digipak and special boxset, which will contain numbered certificate and poster. All three versions will include bonus DVD with an entire set filmed from last year's Ozzfest. For fans of classic LP's, there will be also vinyl version, containing 7" EP with two unspecified bonustracks in place of DVD. In addition to relase of Stormblast band is preparing video for one of the two new songs "Sorgens Kammer - Del II".


13.10. Photos from Czech Arcturus show.


3.10. Dimmu Borgir are scheuled to begin writing material for their next studio album this fall for a tentative late 2006 release. The CD, which will feature a guest appearance by Hellhammer (Mayhem) on drums, will be "a full story/concept album." At this moment, most of Dimmu Borgir members are busy with work on their side projects. Shagrath is completing recording of Chrome Division's debut album, Silenoz is working on his project Insidious Disease and demo will be ready shortly. They have 12-13 songs ready and they will put up a strong demo just in case a record company should give them an offer. Simen "Vortex" Hestnaes is on european tour with Arcturus and Galder will relase new Old Man's Child album "Vermin" soon. Beside of that, Dimmu Borgir will also record new video for "Sorgens Kammer - Del II" out of new Stormblast. It will be directed by Patrick Ullaeus.


22.9. According to latest Silenoz's declaration, on new Stormblast there will be two brand new tracks. Beside eleventh bonustrack "Abmaktslave", we'll find here also new "Sorgens Kammer - Del II", which replaces "Sorgens Kammer" from original album. Silenoz said: "it's a totally different and proper track" and "we all know why the original Sorgens Kammer wasn't used". Very interesting is that band will make video for this song.


14.9. On official Old Man's Child website, there is recently new track from "Vermin" avilable for download. It is opening track called "Enslaved And Condemned".


5.9. Also Arcturus, where sings Dimmu Borgir bassist Simen Hestnaes (alias I.C.S.Vortex), has new album. Simen joined this famous avatgarde band in the beginning of this year, after departure of previous vocalist Oyvind Haegeland. New album is called "Sideshow Symphonies" and will be relased on Spetember 19th. Immediately after relase of album, Arcturus starts European tour together with Red Harvest. Check the tour schedule.


1.9. New album by Galder's band Old Man's Child will be relased on October 17th. Album called "Vermin" will contain nine tracks. It was recorded in Fredrik Nordström's Fredman studio, where also two last Dimmu Borgir recordings was made. On "Vermin", Galder traditionally recorded most of instruments himself. He handled vocals, guitars, acoustic guitars, bass and keyboards. Only for drums he signed up Danish Reno Killerich (Panzerchrist, Vile, Exmortem) and some quitar parts were recorded by special guest Eric Peterson (Testament, Dragonlord). More info on official band website.


30.8. Nuclear Blast is going to relase fourth part of their huge DVD compillation Monsters Of Metal on September 12th. On two discs, there will be total 66 videoclips and live videos. For first time Dimmu Borgir "Vredesbyrd" videoclip will be oficially relased here. Beside of "Vredesbyrd", on "Monsters Of Metal 4" will be also live "Puritania" video.


17.8. New version of "Stormblast" album will be relased in set with bonus DVD. DVD will contain five live tracks recorded on last year's Ozzfest tour. Very good new is that the set will be for ordinary CD price. On other side there was no mention about some material related to Sormblast will be on DVD.

Tracklist DVD :
1. Spellbound (By The Devil)
2. Vredesbyrd
3. Kings Of The Carnival Creation
4. Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse
5. Mourning Palace


9.8. Stormblast... we know this name very well. Second Dimmu Borgir full-lenght album was relased already in 1996. This superior and atmospheric relase was very succesful and Dimmu Borgir became more popular due to it. Now, in year 2005, it was re-recorded. Founder members Shagrath and Silenoz decided to record Stormblast again. True reasons wasn't yet published, but we know that band has problems with Stormblast copyrights. Although it will be only re-recorded older material, we can looking forward to it for many reasons. It was recorded in Peter Tägtgren's (Hypocisy) Abyss studio, where many important metal albums originated. Very interesting is that drums on new Stormblast was done by famous Hellhammer (Mayhem). And finally beside of ten well-known tracks there will be also previous unrealsed bonustrack. New Stormblast will be out on November 7th.


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