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March 2007 - english news discontinued

15.2. "In Sorte Diaboli" cover in full resolution.

14.2. The band teamed up with Unearth, Devildriver and Kataklysm for April/May North American tour. Complete schedule here.

10.2. Dimmu Borgir have finalized the track listing for the new album, "In Sorte Diaboli". A limited edition digipack version of the CD will include the bonus cut ("The Ancestral Fever" in Europe and "The Heretic Hammer" in US) along with a bonus DVD containing the video for the album's opening track, "The Serpentine Offering" , shot by director Patric Ullaeus of Sweden's Revolver Film Company . Ordering information on both the regular and digipack version can be found at

01. The Serpenitine Offering
02. The Chosen Legacy
03. The Conspiracy Unfolds
04. The Ancestral Fever (EU bonus)
05. The Sacrilegious Scorn
06. The Fallen Arise
07. The Sinister Awakening
08. The Fundamental Alienation
09. The Invaluable Darkness
10. The Foreshadowing Furnace

7.2. Nuclear Blast Records has launched a special "In Sorte Diaboli" news page at this location.

5.2. Record label have pushed up the North American release date of the new album to April 24 from the previously announced May 8. The CD will now arrive in Europe on April 27 (April 30 in UK).

9.12. Relase date
In Sorte Diaboli will be released May 4th (Germany), May 7th (rest of Europe) and May 8th (North America).

20.11. Studio report V
"After what we can call a pretty mellow and relaxed mixing session (at least from a dimmucratic point of view), In Sorte Diaboli is now mixed and ready for mastering! Ooops…happened to mention the album title there.
Anyways, mastering duties will be done pretty soon courtesy of Russ Russell at an undisclosed location in the UK.
We’d especially like to thank Fredrik and Patrik for the great work they’ve done helping us creating such a great sound! Would you really expect anything else? Not only that but also for putting up with our bullshit for over a month, trust me when I say there are just a few out there capable of doing that...
Meeting Patric Ullaeus and discussing the new video was satisfying as well. There are some really nice ideas brewing at the moment! More about that later…" [Silenoz]

11.11. Studio report IV
"Finally! I guess this time is as good as any to say we’re ready for mix! Although there are actually still a few bits and pieces left to do on keys, at this stage in the process we’d like to think of them as minor details. We’re all going home for a few days, to clear our heads and ears, except for Fred and Pat as they will begin to mix pretty much right away. We’ll join them again by the end of next week.
We’ll then also meet up with director Patric Ullaeus and Revolver Film Company to discuss and throw around ideas for the new video!" [Silenoz]

23.10. Studio report III
"So, just to let you know, everything moves along nicely in the studio, perhaps a bit too well…? With past studio ghost experiences in mind, something is just bound to happen…I'm sure of it. Well, apart from being the typical pessimist, at least it didn't take us too long to get all the basic rhythm guitar tracks down and even better; it sounds awesome! A fat and razor sharp tone, without compromise, hitting you right between the eyes! Proper equipment; Engl amps, ESP guitars and Seymour Duncan pick ups make things hell of a lot easier I say. There, some PR for you. Leads/solos and acoustic/clean guitars will be laid down later when everything else is ready.
Bass and keys are up next, we expect it to sound nothing less than grandiose once this Beast is finished.
Oh yeah, almost forgot, we have the album title as well, but we're not gonna announce it until the time is right!" [Silenoz]

18.10. Studio report II
"Drums are completed! It went surprisingly smooth, considering the fact that a couple of tracks hadn't even been properly rehearsed in advance like we're normally used to. Besides, final adjustments always happen in the studio. Even if you think you've got everything nailed down at the practice pad, last minute changes are known to give albums that little extra, and once you start recording it all comes clear. And with effective working hours and extensive shifts with complete focus on the job, things don't have to take long. Well done Hellhammer!
Next up are rhythm guitars and hopefully it will be an experience just as effective and enjoyable as it was doing the drums." [Silenoz]

10.10. Recording of new album began!
Silenoz wrote first studio report yesterday. " Finally we arrived in Studio Fredman. It's now located outside Gothenburg in a godforsaken place in the middle of fucking nowhere, which couldn't be more perfect.
Things started not as planned,as usual, as we found out already before departure that we were a car short because of calculating the amount of equipment totally wrong. But hey, we're just musicians and we're spoiled having the crew taking care of that usually, so in lack of further excuses we blame it on them and their absence...
Anyhow, Hellhammer phoned a friend of his and luckily he was free to help us out driving it down to In The Middle of Nowhere. Thanks Espen!
We'll start tracking drums tomorrow and we'll try and keep you guys posted on what's happening, and perhaps also post some photos if Frank the webmaster can make it happen.
We're very excited about the new material and can't wait to get started!"

17.8. All three festival apperances in Slovenia, Germany and Czech Republic are gone. Our sight is now fully fixed on new album. On festivals, we could hear one new song called "Heretic Hammer" and in my opinion, it sounded very hopeful. Recording will begin in October.

14.7. In July's issue of Czech rock/metal magazine "Spark", there appeared interview with Silenoz. Beside of band's apperance on Brutal Assault festival, there were also spoken about new album. The most important informations are:

- currently, about two thirds of material are complete
- "it is in plan" to play some new tracks on summer shows
- there aren't decided yet, whether orchestra will be used
- lyrics will be story-like, there won't be any norwegian lyrics

16.6. Recording of new album will start in October. The band won't go to Abyss studios, as was previously stated, but to Fredrik Nordström's Fredman, where were recorded two last regular albums. Relase is still set to early 2007.

2.6. Godless Savage Garden will be the third Dimmu Borgir album relased in "Deluxe Edition". Re-issue of 1998's EP includes two bonus tracks - live versions of "Spellbound (By The Devil)" and "Mourning Palace". Relase date is 14th of July.

27.5. Gods of Metal apperance cancelled
Dimmu Borgir announced, that their apperance at next weekend's Gods of Metal Fest in Italy has to be cancelled due to serious health reasons. "We apologize to everyone it may concern, we were very much looking forward to play this great festival, but due to a serious situation regarding one of our members’ health condition we have no other choice as it is beyond our control. We owe it to our business partners, fans and friends and perhaps mostly ourselves, to do a great gig, but this will not be possible under the given circumstances, unfortunately. Health will always have first priority. [Silenoz]"

25.5. Nuclear Blast is relasing the fifth volume of massive DVD compillation "Mosters of Metal" on June 9. It contains 66 videos including latest Dimmu Borgir production "Sorgens Kammer - Del II". Complete tracklist, big cover.

22.5. Chrome Division, the Norwegian rock 'n' roll band with Shagrath on guitar, will release their debut album, "Doomsday Rock 'N Roll", on July 27 via Nuclear Blast Records. There is also planned to shot two videos with acclaimed director Patric Ullaeus, one will be for track "Serial Killer". A tour will follow the album's release before the end of the year.

19.4. During last weekend, famous norwegian Inferno festival held in Oslo. Within its existence, Inferno became almost legend. Every year many famous as well as lesser-known metal (and especially black metal) bands perform here. There is also possibily of apperance of bands, that normally don't play live. On this volume of festival, there were among others this bands: Keep of Kalessin, Khold, Carpathian Forest, Susperia, Borknagar, Emperor, Bloodthorn, Myrkskog, Marduk. Naturally, on previous volumes participated also Dimmu Borgir. This year, on stage was only one Dimmu Borgir member, keyboardist Mustis. He played a few songs with associated band Susperia as a guest. It's interesting that Mustis played on their demo called "Illusions of Evil", but on next recordings there were no keyboards or samples. For complement we can also say, that on Inferno 2005 Dimmu Borgir were "represented" by Simen "Vortex" Hestnaes, who played with Arcturus and Lamented Souls.

28.3. In this article, you'll find the resume of informations on upcoming album.

3.3. Simen "Vortex" Hestnaes appeared on new Dagoba album as a guest. CD called "What Hell Is About" was relased on February 20th. You can hear Simen's voice in tracks "It's All About Time" and "The White Guy (Suicide).

18.2. There was sold 3000 copies of Stormblast MMV during first week in USA according to Nielsen SoundScan. For comparsion - there was sold 6350 copies of last Dimmu Borgir album Death Cult Armageddon and 1300 copies of last Old Man's Child album during first week.

15.2. After a long time, we have new informations about Chrome Division project. This "doomsday rock'n'roll" formation, founded by Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir and Lex from The Kovenant, was originally intended only as abreaction from mentioned bands. It was in 1998, when Lex a.k.a. Nagash still was a member of Dimmu Borgir. Shagrath played guitar and Lex taked charge of drums. After recording of Spiritual Black Dimensions, Lex leaved the band and project was put on ice. But in summer 2004, Shagrath and Lex decided to restore Chrome Division and to make professional band of it. They teamed up with bassguitarist Luna (Ashes To Ashes) and vocalist Eddie Guz (The Carburetors) ant they started to writing material for full lenght album. In last year, Lex leaved the band and was replaced by Tony White. Also second guitarist Ricky Black was invited. Now the band signed contract with Nuclear Blast. Debut album is scheduled to be released in the late summer 2006 and it will be followed by a video filmed by Patrick Ullaeus. If you are curious about Chrome Division be sure check out their website, where you can find some pre-production samples.

27.1. Dimmu Borgir recently became the first band on the Nuclear Blast USA roster to sell more than 100 000 copies of a full-length album with their "Death Cult Armageddon" release.

13.1. "Sorgens Kammer - Del II" video has been unleashed. You can watch it here, but it is avilable only in Real Player format.

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